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  Víctor Béjar

For many years I have devoted myself to the pleasure of reading and to receive the benefits of knowing so many and so different points of view, which have enriched mine.

My interest areas are diverse but according to my degree, Public Accountant with a Master in Business Administration, a Master in Human Development and a wide experience as business consultant, speaker, coach and trainer for over 30 years up to now, I have felt specially attracted about published books related to organizations and people who work there.

Fortunately, in the path several publishing houses have asked me to evaluate business books with the porpoise of knowing my personal opinion about the usefulness that those books may have, and now finally and thanks to the invitation I had to radio programs, I can fulfill the dream of serving recommending books under a title I am proud to hold: Business Book Consultant. That's why in this page you will find in an organized way my recommendations about books, some of them with a long time in the market, but almost obligated in this subject and some others that, for their quality, shall become Best Sellers.


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